Intuition Attendant Console for Avaya

First impressions count, which is why it makes sense to give your switchboard operators the best possible tools for professional and efficient call handling. Intuition Attendant Console combines advanced call handling features and presence information with your company directory to ensure that every caller receives consistently exceptional service.

Exceptional Call Handling

Intuition Attendant Console makes a positive difference to the speed, quality and ease with which calls are answered and transferred. The high performance software enables operators to respond with accurate, up-to-date information, and even greet regular callers personally. As a result, individual calls are processed faster, and higher call volumes can be handled successfully, without compromising service standards.

Advanced directory look-up facilities and a range of optional enhancements, providing links to corporate databases, presence status, contact notes and calendars, make Intuition one of the most productive systems in its class and a valuable customer service tool.

Flexibility and Business Continuity

Intuition Attendant Console provides a truly distributed operator center by allowing operators to be located anywhere on the corporate network. Where office space is limited or local staffing costs are high, this can be a huge saving on resources.

Lost calls means lost revenue and poor customer satisfaction. In the event of a disaster operators using Intuition Attendant Console can login from an unaffected site and take calls as normal. This means if part of the network fails, business can continue, minimizing disruption and ensuring calls are not lost.


Fast, precise answering and efficient call transfer

Pre-record messages for consistent and accurate greeting of calls.

Call handling times are shortened and higher volumes of calls are processed, improving service

Improve call transfer success by checking staff availability

Alternative searches and contacts ensure always connected to the most appropriate person to assist

Assess call patterns and staffing requirements

Minimal training required for operators to become proficient

Combine call handling with office applications, improving productivity

Track malicious calls to protect operators and the organization

Answer calls in order of priority

Save costs and prevent misuse by restricting phone permission

Clear, Intuitive and Easy to Use

Integrated Presence

Intuition Attendant Console’s familiar, Windows-based layout enables operators to become proficient very quickly, reducing training times. Screen pop-ups alert operators to an incoming call and screen prompts guide them through answering the call according to its source and the number dialed. The console clearly displays queue size and warns when thresholds are exceeded so corrective action can be taken before business is adversely impacted. Intuition Attendant Console can also use an audible alert to warn a busy operator that another call is waiting, helping to reduce caller waiting time.

The Right Contact, First Time, Every Time

By typing just a few letters of a first name or last name, Intuition Attendant Console starts a speed search that will bring up the closest matches within 1-2 seconds, reducing caller waiting times. This directory of contacts can be integrated with existing databases, increasing the search criteria and ensuring data is consistent and up-to-date across the organization. Operators can also search external directories and customized web-pages containing organizational information and click-to-dial links which enable them to respond quickly to enquiries and build customer confidence.

When the operator performs a search a status icon or ‘busy lamp field - BLF’ is displayed indicating the status of the extension so that the operator can see if the person is on the phone or able to take the call. Alternatively, Intuition Attendant Console integrates with Microsoft Lync which indicates a person’s presence status next to their name in the console database. This live presence information means operators can choose the best method in which to contact a person and deal with the call to ensure the transfer is successful. If the contact is out of the office the operator can select the mobile icon to transfer to their mobile or transfer the caller to an available person from the same department. Operators can also check a person’s Microsoft Outlook calendar to see when they are free, or choose to send an email or instant message from the console to advise them that a call is waiting or the callers details so that they can return the call.

Embedding these tools into the console removes the need to swap applications and keep the caller on hold, which improves productivity while allowing operators to be more responsive to callers and staff.

Intuition Attendant Console switchboard screen, showing incoming call with operator prompt, directory search screen with phone extension and Microsoft Lync presence status and open calendar.

Personalized Greeting

Operators can prerecord greetings in their own voice so that every caller is greeted with a fresh and consistent message. This takes the stress out of making repetitive greetings in noisy offices. Prerecorded greetings can be linked to an operator’s individual log-in, time of day and number dialled.

Trace Malicious Calls

If the operator receives a disturbing call they can activate a Malicious Call Trace while connected to the call. This immediately flags the call detail record (CDR) with the Malicious Call notice and sends a notification that a malicious call is in progress. This enables you to protect your operators and the business by tracking troublesome or threatening calls.

Prioritize Calls

Intuition Attendant Console detects priority calls in the queue and alerts operators. Priority status can be applied to emergency and high value customer calls to ensure they are answered first.

Track Staff Absences

A note field with alternative contact numbers appears when a transfer is attempted to an absent employee. Operators can then choose an alternative contact, improving service.

“In our busy hospital switchboard environments, the stress on operators was greatly reduced once they were using Intuition consoles and has improved the whole communications process. Operators have also stopped using paper to the extent that one hospital has gone completely paperless.”

Karen McSweeney,

Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS

Performance Statistics

Monitor operator status in real time and run reports on historical data. Supervisors can track and control operator availability and utilization, call patterns and other performance information in order to improve productivity and service quality.

Visually Impaired Console

Intuition Attendant Console has a range of features for vision impaired or blind operators such as ZoomText which enlarges on-screen text and enhances color, pointers and cursors.

Intuition is also compatible with JAWS technology which reads out the text on the screen, with options for volume and speed, and can also display information in Braille when used with refreshable Braille displays.

Do Not Disturb

This feature can be set from the user’s phone or the operator to stop incoming calls going to an extension or group of phones. This status is indicated on Intuition Attendant Console’s screen so operators can inform the caller and search for an alternative contact.

Controlled Class of Service

Operators can enable/disable dialling permissions for extensions so that calls from phones in unoccupied rooms are restricted but available when occupied. This reduces misuse and the associated costs.

Intuition Attendant Console // Features and Functionality

Telephony Features

Multiple calls on hold

Semi-blind, Consultation and Announced transfers

Transfer recall


System call park


Series calls

Remote call forwards

Controlled class of service

Call join

Secondary dial tone

Directory and Integration Features

Speed and general search

Lightning search, queries DB as you type

Directory groups

External directory search

OCS/Lync presence and IM integration

Database synchronization

Advanced Features


Remote Do-Not-Disturb and Do-Not-Disturb Override

Automated notes for people who leave

Outlook calendar free/busy status

Priority call notification

Malicious Call Trace

Standalone, Networked or Multi-site Operator Centers

Whether your business requires one operator on a standalone system or several operator centers on a network of switches located over multiple sites, Intuition Attendant Console is scalable to your current and future requirements. Intuition Attendant Console’s simple structure means it is very easy to install, upgrade and maintain, with minimal disruption.

Avaya Compatible Product

Intuition Attendant Console supports pure IP into Avaya’s Communications Server 1000 and IP enabled Meridian, requiring no hardware.

Intuition Attendant Console can deliver an IP-enabled solution using our Intuition Gateway TDM to IP bridge, or support the existing Avaya M2250 and CIU devices.


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